Monday, 27 September 2010


ASPECT is a large-scale, EC-funded project that aims to develop best practice related to the implementation of learning content standards.  

ASPECT  is now at a stage where it is providing a new set of support services that facilitate the interoperability of learning content, including the following workshops:
  • ASPECT workshop at Frankfurt Book Fair 7 October 2010
The ASPECT project is running at Frankfurt Book Fair on 7 October .  

The workshop at Frankfurt will explain how publishers and content developers, including Young Digital Planet and Cambridge University Press have benefitted from applying learning content standards.
The workshop will also show teachers are reacting to standards like SCORM and IMS Common Cartridge. 
Even if you cannot attend this particular event, there are regular opportunities to take part in other ASPECT workshops, plugfests, free webinars etc. 
Register on the ASPECT web site as a project Associate Partner abd keep informed of future ways to participate in ASPECT.
  •  ASPECT workshop at SE@M2010 27-28 September 2010
ASPECT project is also running a workshop at SE@M 2010 on 27-28 September 2010 in Barcelona.  
SE@M 2010 includes a keynote by Daniel Rehak from Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) in the USA.
The workshop will bring together publishers and content developers,  managers of learning infrastructures and learning resource repositories, learning professionals and practitioners. 


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