Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Platform Tools

The Icodeon Platform is a software toolkit for building online education tools, apps and websites.

Technically, the Icodeon Platform is a RESTful Web API for packaged educational content such as IMS Common Cartridge and ADL SCORM. The Platform provides a set of secure "Web Services" that enable developers to build online education tools that can be integrated with social networks, blogs, wikis, learning management systems and so on.

All the web services are secured using a popular web authorization protocol called OAuth - so that only intended users can make requests and receive responses. OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.

In addition to this core level of security and control - the Platform is supported by two tools to help developers and administrators manage the e-learning content: - the Administrator tool  and the Icodeon Platform Runtime tool.
  • The  Administrator tool is a web application that enables content collections to be imported onto the Platform and user permissions to be set. Only registered administrator users within a Platform account can log in and perform these functions. The screen shot below shows the Administrator tool listing the content packages in a particular account and some of the administrative functions available (click for full size image).
  • The Icodeon Platform Runtime tool is a web application that that enables content to be browsed. Registered administrator users within a Platform account can browse cartridge content and decide which parts of the cartridge are to be used. The Runtime tool can also be made available more generally using an authorization protocol called IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability. The screen shot below shows the Runtime tool launched by a learning object repository - so that users can browse content before downloading the cartridge for import into a learning management system (click for full size image).

Examples of Platform API usage:

BlackBoard Learning Management System

Its Learning Learning Management System

Facebook Social Network

MySpace Social Network

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