Thursday, 4 March 2010

Great Britain

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What is that island state just across the "English" channel from France?

Is it England? Or the United Kingdom? Great Britain? Or the British Isles? Part of the Commonwealth? (What is that?).

Many visitors would call the island state by the name "England" - but they would soon change their choice of words if they met a resident from Scotland! Or from Wales. And what about Northern Ireland too? So there is some confusion for visitors...

Look at this article about the Union Jack flag - the history of the flag tells us something about the relationships between the regions that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Visitors often asscociate some cultural aspects as uniquely British, and include:
  • the use of satire in humour and comedy
  • the playing of team sports like cricket and rugby
  • the use of politeness and reserve in relationships
Look at this video about a fictional hotel in England to identify some cultural aspects as uniquely British:

Now check your understanding with the quick quiz below:

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Explore some of the issues of British identity in our discussion topic below. Login with your Facebook username and password, and add your ideas - what do you think?


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