Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Integration Tool Kit for Java/JSP

What is Icodeon Common Cartridge Platform?

A test instance of this Tool Kit is available here.

The test instance is using IMS Basic LTI to launch the Icodeon Platform "Cartridge Explorer App".

Monday, 13 July 2009

A Common Evolution for IMS Simple Sequencing?

What is Icodeon Common Cartridge Platform?

Sequencing of instructional activities has been an ongoing topic of debate within the IMS Global Learning Consortium. IMS has developed and issued two specifications that address sequencing issues: Simple Sequencing and Learning Design.

Warwick Bailey, of IMS member Icodeon and Rob Abel, CEO of IMS have authored a paper that considers the options for evolving Simple Sequencing. Over the years most have concluded that Simple Sequencing has not been "simple" to implement in SCORM 2004 (the only known implementation of the specification). However, valuable feedback on the implementation has been received by both IMS and the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (responsible for SCORM). The paper draws some conclusions from the feedback to IMS, especially with respect to future adoption in the education segments. The result is an approach that may work both for SCORM (self-paced online instruction) and the new Common Cartridge standard (for instructor-in-the-loop educational content).