Monday, 29 June 2009

Comparing IMS CC and SCORM

What is Icodeon Common Cartridge Platform?

The ADL SCORM and IMS Common Cartridge specifications make different choices of technical requirements - that in turn, imply different use scenarios.

For example, the inclusion of user tracking and automatic sequencing in SCORM imply that the computer system, not an instructor, is monitoring and directing an individual learner. The inclusion of discussions in IMS Common Cartridge imply that a group of learners is working with the learning material.

In a presentation to the working group of the European Union funded "Learning Resource Exchange", Warwick Bailey, Director, Icodeon Ltd explored the how the technical choices in SCORM and IMS CC influence the pedagogic use of the specifications - and where each specification might be used most effectively.

Download presentation (.ppt): E-Learning Standards for Packaged Content

View presentation (.mht): E-Learning Standards for Packaged Content (Internet Explorer Only)

The European Schoolnet is building a Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) service for schools that will enable teachers and learners to find educational content in the form of learning objects from many different countries and providers.

The LRE helps Ministries and other content partners to become part of a federation of repositories. A measure of the success of the strategy is that, in the MELT project, 16 Ministries of Education in Europe are already making available approximately 40,000 learning resources and over 100,000 learning assets via a beta version of the LRE.

The following Icodeon products are being integrated into the ASPECT instance of the Learning Resource Exchange:

  • Icodeon SCORM Player
  • Icodeon Common Cartridge Platform