Sunday, 10 May 2009

IMS Learning Impact 2009

~ Icodeon is a contributing member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium - which represents more than 140 participant organizations from the global learning community. Organizations include software vendors, educational institutions, publishers, government agencies, multimedia content providers, and other consortia. IMS provides a neutral forum in which members work together to advocate the use of technology to transform education ~

Icodeon is a sponsor of the IMS Learning Impact 2009 conference in Barcelona.

The event is IMS Global Learning Consortium's annual conference that brings together the world's leading creators, vendors, users, and buyers of learning technology to participate in program tracks focused on the latest innovations in learning systems, digital learning content, the learning enterprise, and open technologies.

Presenters answer a key challenge question designed to inform the attendees on the state of innovation and best practices.

Warwick Bailey, Director, Icodeon Ltd, UK will be presenting the Icodeon SCORM Player and Icodeon Common Cartridge Platform as part of the "Learning Management, Collaborative, and Mobile Learning Program Track" on Tuesday 12th May at 11.15.

Icodeon is a Contributing Member of IMS, a member of the IMS Common Cartridge Alliance, and a member of the SCORM Technical Working Group.


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  2. OK - have removed the links whilst we get those cartridges wired in again - thanks for the prompt.